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Kaiju World by KaijuWithNoName
Kaiju World
Some time ago, I got my copy of Jurassic World and well, I still like this movie. I thought I ought to pay tribute to it again in another post, but how. I saw the numerous photos of zookeepers recreating the scene where Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) controls the raptors and took inspiration from them. I thought "What if Jet Jaguar was in a similar stand-off with saurian kaiju like Godzilla, Gorosaurus, and Titanosaurus [no relation to the actual sauropod that exists] on Monster Island?" and decided to go with the idea. I hope you guys will enjoy it.

Godzilla, Gorosaurus, Jet Jaguar, Titanosaurus- copyright Toho Co. Ltd.
Jurassic World- copyright Universal Pictures, Legendary Pictures, and Amblin Entertainment
Doing a Barrel Roll With the Best of the Best by KaijuWithNoName
Doing a Barrel Roll With the Best of the Best
I know, I know- lets get the Archer jokes out of the way for a minute because it cannot be avoided when discussing Top Gun, one of the cheesiest action flicks of the 80's. Its honestly Tom Cruise's best film and has so many memorable quotes in it. Although there are cliches and admittedly some big plotholes (like seriously, how come Maverick and Goose's plane can fly upside down above another plane without both planes crashing into each others' tail fins?!), its still one of my favorite guilty pleasures to watch. Do I think they need a sequel? No....some things are just better off as having just one film.

Anyways, although I took inspiration for Top Gun for this piece, that was not the main thing I wanted to talk about. Instead, I wanted to focus on Star Fox. I freaking love this game series- not only is it my favorite Nintendo (Metroid is a close second), but it is my favorite video game franchise. And since we're going to get new game in the series in April 22, 2016 (hopefully the date won't change again) called Star Fox Zero I figured it be a good time to spotlight this series (especially since yesterday Nintendo released some new gameplay footage). Well, its time for me to discuss my thoughts on each game of the series.

Star Fox was released in 1993 for the SNES. Although the graphics these days may be considered dated by some, at the time it looked amazing. Unfortunately, I did not get to experience this awesome game until my college years when I began collecting retro video games. Because I was already a Star Fox fan before playing this game, it felt like I was holding an important piece of video game history. It was a fun experience to say the least. There was supposed to be a sequel to this game, Star Fox 2, and it was completely programmed. However, it was shelved because of the release of the N64. It would be awesome if Star Fox Zero included a translated copy of the game as one of its bonus features. But for now, I guess I will have to settle with the awesome comic strip that Nintendo Power published.

Star Fox 64 was released in 1997 and was a reboot of the original game. It is also the beginning of the main continuity of the series. It was my favorite game of the series. It also introduced voice-over work that was not present in the original game. This lead to so many awesome, memorable lines like "All aircraft report!", "Do a barrel roll!", "Fox, get this guy off me!" (although that one was only memorable because of how Slippy is incapable of fighting off the other fighters....heck, there was a mission where you had to save the moron from a boss monster), and my favorite- "I can't let you do that, Star Fox!". I loved the Landmaster levels (it broke up the monotony of flying around in an Arwing, plus I was driving a freaking tank). Supposedly there was a way to make the characters have a garbled language similar to the first game in the European version. I wish they had incorporated that in the American version because it would have been similar to the multiple alien dialects used in Star Wars. Overall, I love this game. There is a reason why this game was ported over to/remade for the 3DS. As for the Star Fox 64 manga, I haven't read it so I cannot comment on it. If someone knows where there is a scanlation of this manga, will someone please let me know?
Star Fox Adventures was released in 2002 for the GameCube. It was originally going to be a game for the N64 called Dinosaur Planet but was instead altered to be a Star Fox spinoff because Shigeru Miyamoto saw similarities between one of the characters and Fox McCloud. This video game was my first experience with the Star Fox franchise and was the game that got me hooked into the franchise. But over the years, some of the faults did become clear such as its format being similar to that of a Legend of Zelda game (which is not exactly a bad thing since its Nintendo copying itself, but I can see why it put off people who wanted a game full of Arwing/Landmaster/Blue Marine sections....actually I take that back, I don't think I've heard of anybody liking the Blue Marine section of Star Fox 64. I might be wrong on that one.), some of the animation being awkward (JonTron already pointed this out in his video), Tricky being an annoying sidekick (granted he still wasn't begging Fox to get this guy off him or anything like that but still- he was a bit of a problem), and the sound effects weren't exactly the best for parts of the game. But, despite all of these faults I actually like this game. I know that there are some people that view this game as being as bad as (or worse than) games like ET: The Game, all of the R.O.B. games, everything that the Virtua Boy did, Superman 64, Sonic The Hedgehog (2006), Duke Nukem Forever, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Rambo: The Game, and Sonic Boom. Fair enough, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I will respectfully still maintain my views on this game even if its not liked by the majority of the gaming community.

Star Fox Assault was released in 2005 and it was more or less a return to the classic formula of the previous games with the exception of an inclusion of on-foot sections. The game admittedly felt too scripted, going from point A to point B. I at least understood why Star Fox Adventures did this since its original game content was also scripted. But this game, however, I don't understand since it was a somewhat return to the classic formula (I figured it'd branch off with multiple paths like the other two Star Fox games). Star Fox Assault was also a bit too short (again, probably due to being scripted). But, still aside from those problems this game was decent. I liked how they brought back Star Wolf in this series (Panther Caroso was an interesting addition to this game). I kind of like the antagonists for this game- the Aparoids. They were like a strange amalgam of insects, Cybermen, John Carpenter's The Thing, and the Borg. It also does break up from the repeated Andross boss battles like the last games (although one of the early bosses did resemble him). Overall, even though this is the weakest entry in the series it was still a decent game.

Star Fox Command was the last game released in 2006. So far, this was the best sequel to Star Fox 64. It went back to basics by having it all entirely focused on progressing through different paths on a map like Star Fox and Star Fox 64. Supposedly the game also borrowed elements from the unpublished Star Fox 2, but I wouldn't know. One thing that I liked about this game was that you get to not only play as Fox McCloud, but you also get to play as different pilots. But instead of simply doing a 'cut and paste' of aircraft like a lot of games would have done, you get to fly different ships in the game. Each of them have a unique design along with their strengths and weaknesses. But, the part that was the most interesting about the game is that each path that you took in the game actually gave you a different story and multiple fact, there's nine of them to be precise. A lot of these endings are pretty plausible (which one is the true one we might never know). Its a great handheld game that is worth checking out.

What are my thoughts on the upcoming Star Fox Zero? At first I was ticked about the fact that after nearly a decade long wait I will never know the true ending to Star Fox Command since from what I've gathered it sounds like Star Fox Zero will be a reboot. But later I realized that since this is a reboot, it might be to Star Fox 64 and the other three sequels that followed what Star Fox 64 was to Star Fox....a sequel that manages to outdo its predecessor/s. The gameplay footage does look good (though a lot of people are complaining about the graphics, saying that it is no different than Playstation 2 graphics.....if video games were only about graphics, then there is no point in playing them. Just watch a movie or tv show instead if you're going only for good visuals.). I heard that they were taking inspiration from Thunderbirds (which sounds awesome). I heard that they were going to do an episodic presentation of the game, which makes me worried that it will be like Star Fox Assault in that it will limit the gameplay to a single short story. I hope that the advertised features that the GamePad uses won't be pointless in the game. The only thing that has me worried is the fact that the Arwing and Landmaster transformations. It was cool about how the Landmaster could hover more (sort of like how the M-44 Hammerhead from the Mass Effect series did), but the main complaint was the Arwing itself. I like the idea of the Arwing changing into a mech (sort of like the Veritech fighters from Robotech), but it looks like a chicken. Something about that does look pretty goofy. But, who knows? I might be wrong and it might turn out to be awesome. I look forward to this game's release.

I hope you guys will enjoy this tribute that I did for my favorite video game franchise.

Top Gun- copyright Paramount Pictures
Fox McCloud, Krystal- copyright Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo, Nintendo EAD, Argonaut Software, Rare, Namco, Q-Games, PlantinumGames
Semi-Realistic War the Time Forgot by KaijuWithNoName
Semi-Realistic War the Time Forgot
DC comics printed many weird war comics featuring strange concepts such as the Creature Commandos, Enemy Ace, the Unknown Soldier, and the Haunted Tank. My favorite of their weird war comics was the War that Time Forgot. It does not follow any real protagonist like those other series- it instead focuses on different groups of G.I.'s fighting dinosaurs on a remote island in the Pacific. The series was that Willis O'Brien and Ray Harryhausen type of awesome (....actually they might have taken strong influence from O'Brien since the series included a friendly young albino giant gorilla, similar to Kiko Kong from Son of Kong). It even introduced the G.I. Robot, who became a staple of some of the many weird war comics that DC published.

This series was so fun that Darwyn Cooke included it as a major plot point for the awesome mini-series DC: The New Frontier, a series that I highly recommend reading because of its great story and awesome art. As for its animated film adaptation though, despite the awesome casting of Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman I cannot recommend it. Its attempt at condensing the mini-series into an animated film left out many details that made the book awesome. But what I can recommend was the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episodes that focused on the island (they even had an episode where the G.I. Robot teamed up with Sgt. Rock and Batman). I have not read Guns of the Dragon nor the 12-issue comic series published in 2008, so I can't give any opinions on them.

I recently looked back on those old comics in my copy of Showcase Presents: The War that Time Forgot and saw the many paleontological inaccuracies present in those old comics. I then got the idea to recreate the cover of Star Spangled War Stories #90 with a more scientifically plausible dinosaur. I hope you guys'll enjoy this piece.

The War that Time Forgot- copyright DC Comics
Bond GoGoGo by KaijuWithNoName
Bond GoGoGo
I just came back from seeing an early showing of the latest James Bond film- Spectre. What do I think of it? Although there were some mixed reviews, I liked it. If this is Daniel Craig's last film, its a good film to leave the series on.

I might as well go ahead and gush about this film series- I love it. Its like the Godzilla films in that even if there's a weak entry there's always something to like about it. Although I'm a fan of Daniel Craig's run, my favorite actor to portray Bond in these films is Sean Connery. He just owns every scene that he's in. Let's face it, when he says "Bond. James Bond." he just oozes with so much cool. Michael G. Wilson, the step-son of Albert "Cubby" Broccoli (the producer of the first Bond film), said in an interview that Sean Connery "really set the bar, and everyone else has to measure up to that". Heck, there's a reason why when NPR had a poll to determine who the best Bond was that Connery was voted the highest. His version of Bond was also the inspiration behind the Austin Powers series, which Mike Myers fully acknowledged during a speech at Sean Connery's AFI Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony where he gave his admiration of him.  Heck, Pierce Brosnan (who starred in Goldeneye,  which got adapted into the video game that introduced me to the Bond franchise) saluted Connery in that ceremony.

Now that I told you who my favorite actor to portray James Bond was, I think its time to discuss my favorite film in the franchise-Goldfinger. I've already stated that Connery was my favorite Bond, but this film is where he was at his best (his second best was From Russia with Love). But that's not the only reason why I love this film. It also has the best villain, Goldfinger. Much like Ernst Stavro Blofeld, he owns each scene he's in. He also has working for him the best henchman in any Bond film- Oddjob. He was a force to be reckoned with and his hat is an iconic part of Bond history. It has the best Bond girl- Pussy Galore (subtle, isn't it?). It has some of the best lines ever uttered in a Bond film. Goldfinger also has the best song to ever been used in a Bond film, courtesy of Shirley Bassey. There are so many memorable scenes from the golf match to Bond being threatened by Goldfinger's laser. It has easily my favorite gadget that some of the other Bond films had to reference- the Aston Martin DB5. There's a reason why this Bond film was the first to win an Academy Award. Overall, I love this movie and have watched it so many times that I lost count.

Now, some of you might be wondering what's up with this piece and why it looks like something out of Speed Racer? Well, I one day looked up info on Goldfinger and discovered that along with the Elvis musical Viva Las Vegas this movie inspired the show. I can totally see that since the Aston Martin was a precursor to the Mach 5. I hope you will enjoy this tribute to both 007 and Mach GoGoGo.

Goldfinger- copyright Ian Fleming, Eon Productions, United Artists, MGM
Up From the Depths, Thirty Stories High by KaijuWithNoName
Up From the Depths, Thirty Stories High
Eh, what the heck? Why not go for two submissions about Godzilla today? Instead of the novels, lets talk about Godzilla's first animated series.

The stories in each episode were decent (Godzilla did engage in heroics sort of like his live action counterpart in the Showa era). The show follows a team of scientists as they travel around the world, dealing with kaiju in each episode with the help of Godzilla (which makes me wonder if the creators of Godzilla: The Series were inspired by this show). Hanna-Barbera's animation for this show was somewhat decent (although it did at times change Godzilla's size radically....I'm not talking about the episode where Godzilla shrank like the guy from The Incredible Shrinking Man, which was my favorite episode of the show. I mean, one minute all the characters can fit neatly in his palm and the next minute he's only able to wrap his claw around the Calico). Godzilla got a decent design for the show (in fact, I think this design of the king of the monsters was the main template for Garreth Edwards's version of kind of makes sense since this show was his introduction to the character).  Although I wish they had used Godzilla's iconic roar in this show, at least they got Ted Cassidy to do the growling and roaring sound effects like he did on The Incredible Hulk (though supposedly the Japanese version did incorporate the original Godzilla roar, but I haven't seen that version online). Also, even though Godzilla never had Superman-esque heat-vision in the movies I kind of wish we'd get to see that in live-action. The creatures that the king of the monsters battled are pretty cool (my favorite bad guy on this show was Axor, who seemed to be a precursor to Vertigo from the video game Primal Rage). I loved the opening theme to it. The characters, while not developed like some other Hanna Barbera shows, were decent. I really liked how they had a device that can call for Godzilla when they're in a jam (which I suspect was where they got the idea for the first issue of Godzilla: Legends). There was only one thing that I truly did not enjoy about this show, and it was probably the reason why many people overlooked this cartoon- Godzuki. There's just so much wrong with this character that its no wonder why when Total Film and SFX created their top 100 list of best sci-fi characters they listed Godzuki in their top 5 worst characters list. Although he does try to help the characters and Godzilla out when dealing with the monster of the week, the creature was still an idiot and for some reason has the ability to fly. I know that the Big G did that once via atomic breath (and it was the most ridiculous thing I ever saw in a kaiju film), but Godzuki has tiny wings that actually work. In fact, I question the uncle/nephew relationship between these two because of how un-Godzilla-like this Godzilla-like creature is. But, outside of that one irritating character, I admit I like this show and I wish that the entire series would be released on DVD or Blu-Ray.

With this piece, I decided to draw inspiration from Godzilla: The Series. Overall, I hope you will enjoy this piece.

Godzilla- copyright Toho Co. Ltd., Hanna-Barbera Productions, Warner Bros. Television Distribution, Classic Media, Dreamworks Classics
Wow! Alot of stuff has happened lately for the kaiju genre- the plot details for Shin Godzilla (which I'm looking forward to), the postponement of Pacific Rim 2 (NOOOO!!!!), and the possibility of a remake of King Kong vs. Godzilla (if their spinoffs are successful). But, this one I did not see coming. Back in June, I submitted a piece dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of Gamera.
50 Years of Turtle Meat by KaijuWithNoName
It was a fun piece to work on and a lot of us kaiju fans felt that Gamera might not get a movie to commemorate his anniversary. But, recently at the New York Comic-Con a trailer was unveiled for the titanic terrapin's return.

August Ragone made a blog post giving the details about the film so far.…    But, I think I need to give my few cents based on the trailer......I'm digging it. The trailer seems to imply that it will go back to the serious tone of the 90's trilogy (and I'm glad that Gamera got his classic roar back instead of the generic monster sound effect from Gamera the Brave). The story sounds like an interesting premise- how would someone react to being saved by a kaiju and then seeing said kaiju return when they're older? The only gripe I have, but this might be because I'm a traditionalist, is that Gamera and the other kaiju are CGI-ed. But, as long as its decent CGI I don't mind. Overall, I look forward to hearing more about this movie.



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